Let me be clear…

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I write a lot about my imperfections and how I overcome and move on. I still make many mistakes. Sometimes I’m intense with my emotions and at other times I may seem like I have gotten it all together. There are many days I still struggle with my feelings and my words. That does not make me weak, it is who I am. It is my journey, specific to me. I am a deep feeler and over thinker, which gets me in trouble, but that is something I refuse to change. I would rather be the person who lets you know how I am feeling than the person who fears love and lives with regret when it slips away. If I want you in my life, you will always know it. I’m not afraid to tell you, even if the outcome of my honesty isn’t the ending I had wished for.


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5 Tips for Dealing with Heartbreak

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heartbreak.jpgWritten by Guest Contributor: Karen (USA)

Founder of: And then there was one

As someone who blogs about relationships and has lived through and recovered from the pain of heartbreak, I wanted to offer tips on how to survive a breakup, even when you feel like you will never recover. You will, I promise. The human heart has the capacity to heal and to love again, even if it seems like that will never happen.

1. Cry
It’s okay to let it out. There is no shame in crying. I have cried what I deemed the ugliest of cries many times. I have cried in the shower, on the way to work, on the way home, listening to music, on the phone with friends. And not pretty tears either, the makeup running, deep sobbing type of tears.  You will hear people say allow yourself to cry for a day or two and…

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Lost in Translation

After having a conversation with someone who challenges me and whatever I say, I sat back and thought about what was said and unsaid. So many words come to mind when I think of him – oil and water, frustration, regret (not in a bad way), give and take, humor, clarity, assumptions, hope. But the word that stood out for me is acceptance, take the good with the bad, the messy with the neat, the perfect with the imperfect, just listen and be open.Whatever he says I take the wrong way and whatever I say he takes the wrong way, though I am sure he would debate me on that too. It just makes me sad that something that could have been great constantly gets lost in translation.

I don’t believe in soulmates – that is way too much pressure to put on any one person or relationship, but I do believe in what this quote has to say about relationships that truly matter in your life – they aren’t all peaches and cream – they are roses and thorns too. wp-1483586097159.jpg


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Cross my Heart…

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This was a hard life lesson for me to learn and at times still hard for me to practice but I am trying. I am a giver by nature and try to help those I love while often sacrificing my own happiness. I still give and I still love, but I won’t compromise my own self anymore either. As the old saying goes, Cross my heart and hope to die I will keep this promise to put myself first always.


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Are you really gone?

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Are the thoughts of you gone from my brain? My heart? I’m sure you will always linger there in some way, but no longer destructively.

Am I at peace again? Most days. Have I found someone who makes me smile and wants to make it work? I think so and it’s pretty nice. It’s how it should be.

Gone are the days of longing and hoping to just hear your voice. You will never be erased from my memory, that is not possible with someone I deeply cared for, it’s who I am. But the hurt is gone, long gone, and happiness and love have replaced it. And it feels good, really good.


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Know your true worth


I love to write ideas and save quotes on my notepad on my phone. I do it constantly as ideas endlessly swirl in my head. I finally took some time the other day to sort through the never ending list of notes and came across some text I had entered this past August. I was going through a very rough patch at the time and would sit outside my place of work, also known as my happy place, when I needed to clear my head. Bringing my laptop outdoors into the sunshine would lift my mood, even if just for a while. One day as I was sitting outside and enjoying the sunshine, I received some great advice from a colleague who is a Professor at the University in which I work. Whenever he would see me he would stop and chat for a bit. He was always trying to teach me how to start meditating and to always be grateful for the good in my life. On that day I was not feeling grateful for anything and as for meditating, I still struggle and blame it on my overactive mind. Kudos to anyone who can practice it.

As I was telling him of some recent events in my life and the difficult period I was currently going through, I also told him about how I was contemplating blogging but not sure if I had the “guts” to do it. Then the tears started. I wasn’t sobbing, it was more of what I like to call tiny tears, the kind that well up in your eyes but not flow. He noticed the change in my demeanor. I am usually the person that can hide my feelings in public very well, but eventually my facial expressions will tell a different story. He then said to me “opportunity is everywhere, embrace it, no matter how scared you are.” He then went on to add “Time is not guaranteed, don’t waste it wondering what you should have done, just do it and always know your true worth even if you don’t immediately see it and others around you do not see it.”  We ended up talking for a very long time. I didn’t divulge everything going on in my life, I didn’t have to, but he knew I had a lot troubling me. He shared some of his personal history with me and how far he had come in healing. I was surprised to hear his story, he always seemed so at peace and positive. As he left he told me he would send me positive energy and pray for me. I remember feeling very comforted, even if it was just for a moment. But his words spoke to me.

Stop being afraid and always know your true worth. How many times in my life I based my worth on what other people thought of me. How I look or what type of job I had, where I went to school, if I was married or had kids. The list goes on. The older you get the more you begin to realize that all of that doesn’t matter. It is what is inside of you, how you view yourself that matters most. I still struggle with aspects of myself at times. I think we all do. But I have learned to appreciate what I have to offer as well.

I lived with a guy who wouldn’t admit to his friends that we were a couple. He wouldn’t admit it to himself either. I still don’t know why I allowed him to treat me this way. Was it related to my self-worth at the time? It was a painful feeling, extremely painful. I do know that when we met I was in a vulnerable place. I take full ownership of letting him treat me that way, I allowed it to happen. I learned from it and I never want to feel that way again. And I won’t because I won’t let it happen. Always know your true worth. How important those words really are. I vowed to never let a man define me again, or anyone else for that matter.

Many days I’m still finding my way in this world, but I now know my true worth. Life is one big journey isn’t it? There is no guaranteed path, but you need to know that it is your journey. Trust in yourself and forgive yourself if you fall. Don’t look at your mistakes as failures. Mistakes don’t define you nor do they decrease your value as a person. Only you can devalue yourself. And yes I’ll admit there are still days I am hard on myself, but those thoughts eventually pass too and I move on. Some days I am strong and some days I feel as if I want to pull the covers over my head and hide, but one thing I do know is I am worth it. No matter what happens, or what I do, or how many crazy decisions I make, I am worth it.

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New Year, New Challenges

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A lot can happen in a year, I learned that in 2016. I also learned a lot about myself. I learned that I am not always strong and that it’s okay to fall, but I also learned that I am a warrior too. I get back up. I may cry hard, feel deeply and I shoulder a lot in my life but I fight back hard too. Challenges may break me down but they won’t break me. I was pushed over the edge but I grabbed on and clawed my way back up. The new year won’t be without it’s challenges, I already know that, but although it may break pieces of me it won’t break me. Only I can do that, no one else can. And I will not let that happen.

Happy New Year everyone. My wish is peace for all of you. And please keep writing and keep inspiring, I’m listening and learning. XO


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I simply want to wish everyone a Happy New Year! Here’s to a hopeful and peaceful 2017. Even if life gets you down and throws you curve ball after curve ball, just keep swinging.

And thank you for sharing my journey.


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Be Whoever You Truly Are — 2 Traveling Dogs

This is a great blog- if you are a dog lover or just in love with your pet – I guarantee you will enjoy their adventures and their purpose of spreading the word about adopting and not shopping.  Please follow them at: https://2travelingdogs.com/


This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. It seems to me that this Adventure Of A Lifetime has taught us many things. And I am sure it will be teaching us many more lessons after we have completed it in May. For this week, we found out that perspective is a pretty good thing. Sure, it […]

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Out of the Darkness comes Renewal

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After writing a very emotional post yesterday, I’ll just let the words in this quote do the talking for me today. Out of darkness comes renewal. Pretty much sums it up.



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