Just Roll the Dice Please…

via Daily Prompt: Second Thoughts


Second Thoughts:  reconsideration or a revised opinion of a previous often hurried decision <began to have second thoughts about marrying him

Second thoughts, have I had them? Of course, we all do. I do find though that I don’t live with many regrets. I honestly don’t. I learn to accept the hand I’ve been dealt, even if it just, well, sucks. Sure there some instances where I have may have had second thoughts about something that I may have done or not done, especially in my relationships, but never the someone. I think with my heart more than my head. I roll the dice on love and end up taking a chance. Most times the house wins, occasionally I win. And yeah, I’m the first to admit that I screw up, sometimes royally. But as we all know you can’t change the past, or take back words or actions, just move on.

I usually just jump right into a decision or action, not always thinking it through first or worrying about the consequences. In retrospect I probably should be more calculated, reserved, not always take that chance and think it through first.

Then again, on second thought, I’ll just be me. It doesn’t always get me the outcome I want or even deserve, but at least I stay true to myself and the perfectly imperfect person that I am. No second thoughts about that, or regrets.




About geminilvr

I have been through many relationships in my life, most long term, and they have all shaped who I am in some way. I try to find humor through the pain and heartbreak and find the strength to do it all over again. My blog is sprinkled with past relationships, current status and thoughts on it all! I hope my experiences make you smile, laugh or cry along with me and relate to the complexity that is life, my life, perfectly imperfect.
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4 Responses to Just Roll the Dice Please…

  1. The thing about second thoughts is that they always seem to be…well….second. LOL

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