Two Geminis Walk Into a Bar…


I wanted to write, in real time, about a guy that I met this past weekend. No, he’s not relationship material at all, but he reminded me of me, personality-wise, a lot. I dubbed him Crazy Gemini guy.

After a pretty fun-filled, extremely busy Friday and Saturday, I was looking forward to some downtime on Sunday and also getting some much needed work done for my real job! Football season has started and I am a female that loves sports, especially football, College and Pro. Throw that in with baseball playoffs and it really is a great time of year. Yes, guys, I know sports and like sports, always have, always will. Downtime, however, was not in the cards for me.

After getting home at 2am on Saturday (technically Sunday I guess), which is not a normal occurrence for me, I woke up later than normal on Sunday, which also never happens, unless, of course, there is a warm body next to me (wink). I did some food shopping, went to the gym and then got a text from my friend to go watch football at a local bar with her and her friend. Of course I said yes. I quickly showered and met them right as the game started. It was a local place, with a pretty interesting group of characters, definitely my kind of hangout. I am comfortable anywhere and tend to make friends wherever I go and today was no different.

My friend pointed out a really cute, okay, pretty hot, dude that walked in. I offered to get him to come over and talk to us, I’ve done this before, and usually horrify my friends as soon as I say this. We all kept looking over at him and one thing I noticed is he had a really, really, really big……watch. Anyway, he seemed to be walking in and out a lot, and was very animated. At one point I heard him say to his friends, “All women are crazy.” I look over and laughed and said, “Excuse me?” Well that’s all it took, he came over, introduced himself, and started talking to us. He also started flirting very heavily with me.  Then I noticed the really, really, really large…Gemini tattoo on his arm. Well that explained his behavior. Animated, loud, laughing, flirty, excitable – yep, the male version of me.

The flirting by him continued for a long time. I even got to try on the behemoth of a watch. He kept whispering things into my ear, but I’ll keep this PG-rated for now.  My friends then decided to leave and I opted to stay behind, he convinced me. I was having fun talking with him, as goofy crazy as he was. He got up to go use the restroom and some dude that bought us drinks came right over. He started telling me in broken English that I was beautiful and had beautiful eyes and is that my boyfriend? I tried telling him no, he’s just a friend, but he did not understand. Crazy Gemini guy came back and said to me, laughing, “I can’t leave you alone for a minute.” We decided to ditch the place we were at and go somewhere else.

So we two crazy Geminis met up at another place to watch some more games. The whole time I was thinking who am I? I am usually not the girl who is out all weekend and hanging with strange guys at bars, but you know what? Why not? I needed to have fun, I deserved to have some fun.

I was waiting for Crazy Gemini guy outside the next place and two biker dudes came over and starting chatting me up. Scary looking guys, but actually they were so nice. So Crazy Gemini guy pulls up and again says, “I really can’t leave you alone.” Of course then he proceeded to talk to them as well – it was like looking in a mirror. I’m very friendly, whether you are male or female, I will chat you up and talk your ears off. I make a lot of eye contact and am also touchy, Crazy Gemini guy was the same. I also ended up talking to a couple next to us at the bar. They hugged me goodbye when they left as if we’d known each other forever.

Crazy Gemini guy and I talked a little further about each other, our most recent relationships and life in general. He obviously still missed his girl, and I missed my guy. He kept telling me I was beautiful and so sweet, how can any man not want to be with me? Haha, obviously he only just met me, but it was nice to hear. He kept wanting me to take him back to my place and I thought about it, but well, let’s just say it almost happened.


I have to say I don’t normally believe in daily horoscopes per say, but I do believe I have many, okay, pretty much all the traits of a Gemini. Flirty? check. Communicator? check. Impulsive? check. Sociable? check. Over-thinker? check, check. This guy believed all this about himself too, hence the Gemini tattoo. We had quite a few laughs about it. He asked me if I blurt out stupid things, speak my mind and then forget about why I was even upset. Yep, that’s me. He said do you find yourself talking in circles that by the end of the conversation you even confuse yourself? Yep, that’s me too. He was expressive to the max and throw me into that mix and boy, I don’t know how either of us got a word in edgewise! He also asked if I apologize easy too. I laughed and said yes, I have no choice because basically I have no filter. He said the same with him. We both agreed that we can put up with a lot and don’t hold grudges and I have to say I really don’t hold grudges. It was turning out to be a pretty fun night. Was it because I felt like I was hanging out with my twin? Probably. But I have to say hanging out with the male version of me is also pretty exhausting (smile). I commiserate with my exes. One ex used to joke around and ask me where my mute button was. He also asked my friends. It doesn’t exist.

Fast forward to later on in the evening, we hung out and watched the night game too. We exchanged numbers and he called me on the way home and thanked me for making it a very fun night. I told him, if you want your girl back go get her and tell her. He told me to do the same (for my guy). Unfortunately, my guy has been a tougher nut to crack. He said unless I cheated, physically hurt him, stole from him, or killed his pet rabbit (Fatal Attraction reference, look it up if needed), I should be forgiven. If only it were that easy!

The next day he called me a few times, I couldn’t answer, I was in a meeting. He then texted me to say thank you, he decided to get back with his ex and proceeded to tell me I was a great person, a beautiful woman and I deserve the best. He said even just meeting me that quickly he could tell I have a beautiful heart too and a banging body (that was nice to hear!).  I texted him back, told him I had a great time and thanked him for the sweet words. He was definitely not boyfriend material. His back story is a little sketchy as he has a full time construction job but also let’s just say, collects money for a bookie too, when his services are needed. The stories he told me were a little frightening but pretty hilarious, probably because of his comedic delivery. And no, I was not afraid he was going to hurt me, but believe me he was big enough to snap me in half if he needed to and I am pretty tall and fit. I wasn’t worried.


Ain’t that the truth!

Overall, the day and evening was a nice escape from reality for me. It was a super fun weekend overall, something I needed, and meeting someone as outgoing as me was icing on the cake. It also made me realize that I will never change who I am, just how I react to situations. I love that I can be put into any social situation and I will make friends, and have a good time. I am a master at flirting, and have been told that I have a warmth and openness about me and I will never change that either. I like who I am. I just need to not always say what I mean when it comes to relationships. Now I’m not talking about being honest, I will always do that, just maybe think about things a little before I open my mouth. Respect the other person too. Stop, think, digest, then speak. That, my friends, would save me a lot of trouble.



About geminilvr

I have been through many relationships in my life, most long term, and they have all shaped who I am in some way. I try to find humor through the pain and heartbreak and find the strength to do it all over again. My blog is sprinkled with past relationships, current status and thoughts on it all! I hope my experiences make you smile, laugh or cry along with me and relate to the complexity that is life, my life, perfectly imperfect.
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4 Responses to Two Geminis Walk Into a Bar…

  1. Sophia says:

    This post made me smile. Nothing like spending time with a stranger/anyone! who reminds you of YOU and walking away understood at a cellular level. Someone who leaves you feeling happy to be who you are.
    More serendipity like this one!😉


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  3. Kait King says:

    Sooooooo Gemini! lol 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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