Why Do I Blog?

I just read this fantastic quote on a friend’s Facebook page. It spoke to me and I wanted to share with my fellow bloggers. Sharing my story is cathartic and reading all of your stories shows me that we are not alone, we all have struggles and shared feelings, thoughts and experiences. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your world and being a part of mine 🙂

You will be lost and un-lost, over and over again. Relax love, you were meant to be this glorious, epic story.”

Nayyirah Waheed


About geminilvr

I have been through many relationships in my life, most long term, and they have all shaped who I am in some way. I try to find humor through the pain and heartbreak and find the strength to do it all over again. My blog is sprinkled with past relationships, current status and thoughts on it all! I hope my experiences make you smile, laugh or cry along with me and relate to the complexity that is life, my life, perfectly imperfect.
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  1. Many thanks, this site is very beneficial

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