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Hello, Are You Okay?

So I’ve had two full days to digest and think about the outcome of the game and my subsequent call from The Scorpion. As I look back, I am upset that he bothered to play this game with me at … Continue reading

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Black Cat Blue Sea Award

Thank you to Appy for nominating me for this award. I happily accept. Please go and take a look at her blog, she is creative beyond her young years – What is black cat blue sea award? I had … Continue reading

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Game Over

I lost the Words with Friends game with The Scorpion. He beat me pretty badly actually. But in the end I lost more. He did call, we talked for quite a while. I said what I wanted to say. He … Continue reading

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The Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you so much to the very talented blogger Ally Mare at for nominating me for The Versatile Blogger Award. Please visit his site if you have not already. What an honor and welcome surprise. Rules: ■Show the award on … Continue reading

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Choose Your Words Wisely

I am again writing in real time as this weekend, was, thankfully more low key than last, but it proved to be an eye opener, in a way that challenged me more than I ever thought. I had a couple … Continue reading

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Thank You

Thank you to  for nominating me for this award – my first since I started blogging in August! Her blog is real and humorous and touches on so many different subjects. One of my favorite posts from her site … Continue reading

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There’s a Whole Lotta Crazy Going On!

Blame it on Mercury in Retrograde. Besides staying over at my Ex’s place, meeting fun Crazy Gemini guy and another guy with some potential that I have not written about, yet, plus trying my hardest to get another Ex back … Continue reading

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Two Geminis Walk Into a Bar…

I wanted to write, in real time, about a guy that I met this past weekend. No, he’s not relationship material at all, but he reminded me of me, personality-wise, a lot. I dubbed him Crazy Gemini guy. After a … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to the Guy I Still Want

You know who you are. I think most who read my blog know which story I am referring to. I’m not sure if you are reading my blog, I did send you the link. My blog is who I am … Continue reading

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No Clowning Around I’m a Terrible Juggler

Most of the time my blog is not in real time. It may be filled with thoughts and stories that are decades, months or a few weeks behind. I am writing this in real time, as it just happened this … Continue reading

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