The Greatest Love in the World

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The greatest love in the world is self-love. Respect yourself, believe in yourself, accept yourself, challenge yourself, forgive yourself, but most of all love who you are, imperfections and all. Make no excuses for who you are, just do the best you can. Others may try but only you can break you.



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Open your mind and heart

Tangible Triumph

You never know what someone may be dealing with at a certain time in his or her life. Unless you are perfect, do not expect others to be as well. Keep your mind and heart open.


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Think about it, but not too much

I almost wrote off someone who has been there for me. I was struggling with past feelings, current feelings and the unknown, a deadly combination for an over thinker. Those damn ghosts of past relationships scare me and make me run.I worry more about being hurt than just allowing myself to just go with it. I wasn’t always this way, but I guess time has played with my emotions and my heart, and as much as I try not to, I let those ghosts haunt me.

I sat down last night and thought a lot about my current situation. It was a dose of reality.  It isn’t easy to let go, but you can’t keep holding on to someone if you are allowed to keep slipping away.

Not only did I have to stop the thoughts in my head from ruining a good thing, I had to stop listening to the voices around me as well. I almost always listen to everyone’s advice but this time I had to just listen to me. What seems normal to you may not be normal to another person. We all have expectations and ideas of what is right and expected. Everyone is different, every relationship is different. Real relationships are messy and complicated, but they are also filled with laughs, honesty, acceptance and understanding too. I was so worried about the bad happening, that I neglected to see the good. I was and still am, at times, afraid to open my heart because of past hurt. It was all I have known the past few months. But today, I let it open. We talked it out and I’m hoping that we will work. The odds are in our favor because we have understanding on our side, something that has been lacking from my recent relationships. Assumptions and one-sided perspectives kill a relationship. Communication and compassion make it work.

Of course some of the ghosts will always haunt me, but I need to not let them scare me anymore. I don’t think we ever stop missing those special loves in our lives, we just learn to exist without them in it. We learn to move on and hold dear those memories, if they are good ones of course.

It may all change and I may have my heart broken again, but I will take that chance. He is worth it and I am worth it. I finally get that. I opened my eyes, and ironically so did someone who I least expected to. He questioned why I would let someone go who has been supporting me, and he was right. And he should know, he let me go.


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Running to love

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Love is a marathon, not a sprint. I have been guilty in the past of rushing it, hoping that I would not have to experience heartbreak once again.This wasn’t always the case, just recently. I know love needs to build, I understand that. But lately, issues and past demons seem to line the streets and trip me as I’m running to the finish line. I have pretty much forgotten what it has been like to love someone and have them love me back, imperfections and all. I want the guy that runs beside me, cheering me and each other on as we make our way along in this life, encouraging my heart to keep trying and trusting even when life knocks you down over and over again. The one who not only fights with you but fights for you. Maybe one day I will be able to run in the race of love and not struggle, every single time.




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I will be here…

My very close friend sent this to me today. It brought me to tears. She is one in a million and I’m blessed she is my friend.


When you’re sad and depressed,
I will be here to put a smile on your face.

When you’re angry and frustrated,
I will be here to calm you down.

When you’re hurt and in tears,
I will be here to wipe them away and mend the pain.

When you’re lonely and have no one,
I will be here to comfort you.

When you’re feeling unloved and unwanted,
I will be here to tell you how very important you are.

When you’re having a bad day and need to lash out,
I will be here to let you let off steam, you can yell at me.

When there is something on your mind that you need to say,
I will be here to listen and understand.

When you’re lost in confusion,
I will be here to help you figure things out.

When you feel like you’re going crazy,
I will be here to bring you back to sanity.

When you are so overwhelmed and need to get away,
I will be here with open arms so we can run away together.

When your scared and frightened,
I will be here to protect you and make you feel safe.

When you are full of worries,
I will be here to worry with you.

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Go for it

via Daily Prompt: Capable


We all have fears that hold us back from taking that first step, closing that door, moving on. I still have fears that make me overthink and will even, at times, paralyze me in which decision I should make or path to take. But I also know that if I don’t try and believe I will succeed, the regret of not trying will haunt me longer. If you’ve been following my blog you know my story regarding my work situation. I always knew what I was capable of, but I chose to stay in a position that did not fulfill me but gave me safety and a paycheck, until it didn’t. Being let go forced me into a new opportunity and for that I am grateful. It is challenging and a little scary at times, but I know I am more than capable to get the job done. But most of all I look forward to it as well.


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Today is what matters

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The word Someday is vague. Maybe we’ll talk again someday. I wonder if we will ever be friends someday. I’m sure he’ll miss me someday. Maybe he’ll want me back someday. I held onto the someday for so long I almost gave up on the right now. I’m so happy I didn’t. My someday is not who I want, anymore. I finally let go of someday, it took me a while, probably much longer than it should have, but it was time to look at today and who chooses and wants to be in my life, in the here and now, and it is good. Really, really good!





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Time to let go…

via Daily Prompt: Cling

When I think back to how many times I would cling on to a shred of hope that we would get back together it makes me sad. Not sad that I lost you, sad that I lost me. Who was this girl crying and groveling over you? Love makes us behave erratically and sometimes desperately too.

I’ll always be honest about my feelings, if I want you you’ll know it, I don’t run and hide from being honest. But I won’t beg, plead, or try to convince you why I’m worth it. Funny thing is when you finally realize you are worth it, you won’t need to convince anyone to be part of your life. I lost that part of me, a momentary lapse of reason, but now it’s back and I may struggle and fall but I know I will always be worth it, to me and hopefully to those who choose to be part of my life.


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I love you but…

via Daily Prompt: Uneven

I love you but I’m not in love with you. I’ve had those words spoken to me during a breakup and I just never understood the meaning. Is there really that uneven balance of if you love someone or are in love with someone when in a relationship? I am of the mindset that if you love someone, you just love them. Throughout a relationship love changes, it evolves and grows or it perhaps, stalls. Do long term couples always feel like they are in love with their partner or do they just love them? Maybe it is just a line to use when you are breaking up to slowly rip off the dressing on the wound. You don’t want to say I don’t love you anymore,that’s painful to hear, so to soften the blow it’s easier to say I’m not in love with you but I still love you.

I also think it is why people flee relationships so easily too. We all know how it is in the beginning, you are in a love and sex stupor when everything your partner says and does is funny, cute, adorable, until reality sets in. If you are going to keep measuring love by how much “in love” you are, you are setting yourself up for failure. Love changes, it evolves, sometimes it slips away, and then it comes back. Sometimes you look at the person next to you and think I’m lucky, other times you think, is he ever going to just take out the fucking trash without me asking?

If you truly love someone you will do your best not to hurt them, it’s simple as that. You will argue, disagree, annoy the hell out of each other at times but if there is a foundation of love, you can get through it together, hopefully. And if you can’t get through it and you break, don’t say I still love you but I am not in love with you. Just say what you really mean – I don’t think we work and I’m sorry.


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Be Persistent, Always

via Daily Prompt: Infinite


When I finally realized that I will make mistakes and fall flat on my face many times, I also realized that I am capable of great things too. It’s okay to fail, but it’s not okay to stop trying. The possibilities are infinite when you believe in yourself. There are still some days I wonder if things will ever get easier, but most days I know that I can do whatever I put my mind to. Some obstacles are truly tough to break through and don’t get me wrong, I still struggle, but I keep on going, and trying.

I have been called persistent by more than one person and I can be a real pain in the ass at times too, but at least I try and fight. I laugh when I am called persistent, I view it as a compliment. I think back to when I was fighting to make my new job permanent last summer and how I made it known to everyone I could at my place of employment how much I wanted my new j0b and why I would be a great hire for the position. I was very persistent. I cornered the Provost while he was getting coffee one day and casually told him of my accomplishments for a University-wide project that I had been working on. He told me he had heard and congratulated me. At that moment I wasn’t afraid that he would see me as pushy and I wasn’t afraid of failure either, I took hold of the opportunity and pushed any fears aside. Ultimately, all of my persistence paid off.

As for love, broken relationships may be seen as failures, but maybe they are not. Yes, breakups hurt but maybe they happen to prepare us for a greater love with someone who looks at our mistakes and still accepts and loves us, and realizes that the possibilities are infinite.

Happy Sunday and go Giants!


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